Why do i have to upload my item information?

For the sales items shipping to be bound for overseas, the goods information is required due to custom clearance. In order for Qxpress to handle custom clearance job on behalf of you, we requires you to submit the basic information for custom clearance job. All the information you’ve submitted will be under review by Qxpress clearance support team and we may ask you to re-submit the extra information.

<aside> 💡 This task is requested to the seller who will be using Seller shipping (Smart Shipping) service type. If you are using QFC Shipping service, then you just need to register SKU.


How can I register Items?

Your Item will be created upon order creating via Smartship UI (one by one registering) Excel and Sales site channel API. If your goods to be shipped out on international deliveries, then you may fill up additional fields. OR you can register your item information in advance using Excel.

What Information do i have to submit?

  1. Item Name & Option : If you want to submit your item information before delivery order creation, then use the same (exactly same) item name and option name that you are using on your sales site or Excel. Otherwise, Smartship will create new items for you upon the order creation.
  2. Sales Price : Please input the currency and the item price. Please use ISO currency code on 3 digit alphabet . (eg. KRW, JPY)
  3. Item URL : Please provide LIVE URL on the sales site so that Qxpress team can check the details.
  4. Material : For some item categories like clothes, bags, shoes may require material information.
  5. Origin : Please input origin country code on ISO code on 2 digit alphabet. (eg. SG, KR)

How to upload item via Excel?

<aside> 💡 Path : Customs Clearance > Item Declaration



  1. Click [Bulk Registration (Excel)] button.